Sylvia Hill

Drawings & Prints

Drawing plays a major part in Sylvia’s art practice.  She draws daily and enjoys the challenge of drawing the human figure. 

Printing: The technical processes involved in making a print fascinate her.  Over the years she has tried many different forms of printmaking from etching to silkscreen, linocut and lithography.  She enjoys the element of chance involved in making a fine art print.


Little Havana. Pen on A4 cartridge paper. 2022

Little Havana. Pen on A4 cartridge paper. 2022

Old soldiers house, Pen on cartridge A4 2022

Granite lodge - Pencil on cartridge paper 18 x 16cm 2021

Female seated - Pencil on cartridge A1 paper 2023

Male model - charcoal on cartridge A1 paper

Female Nude Tonal-2022- 4B pencil on newsprint
50 x 42 cm


Peepers 2 Photo etching print 26 x 22cm

Sybil- mythology series, Silk screen print

Kilcoole kid - Photo etching print 2022
70 x 50cm

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